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Welcome to the MINUTES event page! Here you can find the all past and upcoming conferences or screenings.

18·11·2022 – London

MINUTES wins website of the year at Dezeen Awards 2022

After winning the public vote earlier in October, MINUTES has now won the Dezeen Award for the website of the year from the international panel of judges.

“This website manages to be design-led without intruding on user experience. It does not sacrifice functionality for style, and showcases each project in a way that is clear, concise and comprehensive, while still being visually arresting and engaging,” said the judges. "It allows the user to dive further into each film, inviting them to explore the process and design thinking behind the projects," they continued." What first could appear to be simply a landing page evolves into a complete content experience." Read more!

The website was designed by Samuel Gadea, Florian Casarin and Julien Bidoret. The site's graphic language draws from black-and-white contrasts, informed by the core visual identity of MINUTES originally designed by From Form.

28·09·2021 – Amsterdam

'Building Stories' at Pakhuis de Zwijger

For the talk-screening at Pakhuis de Zwijger, a curated selection of 3 films from the MINUTES series is presented. The selected works reflect on the ‘meaning of being’, metaphorically touching the topics of birth, death, and immortality.

This period of intense uncertainty inevitably led us to reflect on our lives and the physical (or symbolic) space we occupy in our environment and society.
The three selected projects reflect on the ‘meaning of being’, metaphorically touching the topics of birth, death and immortality. It emerges through the forces of creation (Crafted by Benitha Vlok), the acceptance of mortality (Static by Spirit of Space) or possible immortality (Notes on an Immortal Being by Jaime Levinas). Building stories will explore this conceptual fil-rouge crossing over the 3 projects while discussing the potential of intertwining cinema, architecture and other creative practices.

The talk-screening Building Stories will be moderated by Dana Linssen, a film critic and writer. During the evening, 3 works from the MINUTES series will be presented by Benitha Vlok and Alice Martins (via Zoom), Red Mike fromSpirit of Space, as well as Jaime Levinas, introducing his upcoming expanded cinema project ‘Notes on an Immortal Being’ with a performance. Besides them, KAAN Architecten founder and associated partner Dikkie Scipio and Martina Margini, MINUTES film series curator, will also participate in the discussion.

Link to the event on Pakhuis de Zwijger website.

26·06·2021 – Rotterdam

Rotterdam Architecture Month - Film in de garage

KAAN Architecten was invited to a collective screening event organized by Rotterdam Architecture Month.

On Saturday June 26th, MINUTES series participated to a joint screening event with Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam (AFFR), Galerie de Jaloezie, and Roffa Mon Amour. Participating directors include Dorian van de Rijk (Ruling), Mirte van Duppen (Territory of the Beings), Katja Verheul (Dynamo), Jaime Levinas (Notes on an Immortal Being) and From Form (Await).

12·05·2021 – Barcelona / Online

MINUTES Masterclass at BARQ Festival

BARQ International Architecture Film Festival invites MINUTES curator Martina Margini, KAAN Architecten's founding partner Kees Kaan and three directors from MINUTES series to discuss about the project and its development.

In a specially dedicated masterclass for the BARQ International Architecture Film Festival, the series curator Martina Margini and the founding partner of KAAN Architecten, Kees Kaan, presented the short film series MINUTES in a conversation with three of its film directors: Joana Colomar, Miguel C. Tavares and Benitha Vlok.

BARQ festival took place in May 11 to 16, 2021, the events marks its first edition and for this occasion organized a rich programme of live and online events, the screenings of the films in competition will be available on Filmin platform for all of the Iberic Peninsula.

The festival includes an extensive program with films from around the world and various parallel activities. It is a cinematographic event that highlights films innovatively showing current issues related to architecture such as urban activism, politics, the economy, the environment, cultural and social diversity, access to housing or equal rights.

Event sponsored by Cosentino City Barcelona.

08·04·2021 – Rotterdam / Online

12 Ways to film a building, TNL! x MINUTES

Organized in collaboration with Het Nieuwe Instituut as a part of their Thursday Night Live! Series, ’12 Ways to Film a Building’ is an introductory event about the MINUTES series, where all 12 directors of the series had the chance to discuss with moderator Brendan Cormier and introduce their short films to the public for the first time.

On the occasion of Thursday Night Live!, Brendan Cormier, Senior Curator of Exhibitions at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, introduced MINUTES and animated a discussion with the filmmakers who participated in the project.

Participating filmmakers: Joana Colomar, Mirte van Duppen, From Form, Chris de Krijger, Jaime Levinas, Romain Loiseau, Dorian de Rijk, Tristan Soreau, Sprit of Space, Giulio Squillacciotti, Miguel C. Tavares, Katja Verheul, Benitha Vlok.
Other speakers: Martina Margini (MINUTES series curator), Vincent Panhuysen (KAAN Architecten associated partner).